Third-Party Risk Monitoring

Be Fearless To Integrate With Third-Party Infrastructure

Leverage IOCs from threat actor communications on exploiting ‘backdoors’ into your organization, assess field reports and risk scoring for due diligence prior to onboarding new vendors, and stay abreast of relevant TTPs posing a risk to third-party supplier networks.

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Discover, Assess, and Mitigate Vulnerabilities and Risks Arising out of Third-party Relationships in your Ecosystem or Supply Chain

Eliminate Third-party Risk Exposure
Pre-empt and prevent supply-chain attacks

Prevent cybercriminals from leveraging third parties to launch attacks on your business.

Cybercrime intelligence
Detect Exposure of Supplier Credentials
Identifying suppliers that are potential access points

Monitor darkweb chatter on leaked corporate credentials and supplier’s software exploits sold on darkweb marketplaces.

Validate threats heard on the grapevine
Periodic Assessment of Vulnerabilities
Gauge darkweb exposure of suppliers

Identify sensitive ports of suppliers exposed on public-facing infrastructure.

Implement Cybersecurity Governance
Effectively manage high-risk suppliers

Mitigate legal, compliance or regulatory risks from vulnerabilities in supplier’s cyber resilience.

Get a holistic view of key risk indicators of your entire vendor-supplier network